The company was registered and established as Quanjin Hardware Factory in Taipei County Taiwan in 1969. At the early days when the factory was established, the company focused on the machining, die-casting processing, electric equipment and motors. Due to the good reputation in the market and the support of customers, the company set up the branch in Tainan County under the situation that the demand exceeded supply for increasing the output and quality control in 1981. In 1994, the company established a hand-tools Factory again in Ningbo, Zhejiang Province. With the ripe experiences in the processing of electric equipments and motors for more than 40 years, combined with the professional technology and abundant experiences of General Manager Tony Chen in the field of side channel, ring blowers, root blower and vacuum pump, the company established the production line of side chanel, ring blowers and root blower in 2006. Mr Tony Chen , who is experienced in the fields of side channel, ring blowers, root blower and vacuum pump, is the sole executive with the professional technology and experiences from international factory among all blower machine factories in China at present.
He was the chief engineer in Blower Department of German Rietschle and had 20-year experiences in the professional technology of blower and vacuum pump in Rietschle Thomas Taiwan as the factory director. He is outstanding in the inside field whether the design, production, after-sale service or the structural theory of product, awarded as “Dr. Blower” by the inside technicians of blowing machine. Emore Horn Machinery has been adhered to the principle of high-standard production, on-time delivery, 100% all-inspection and perfect after-sale service since 2006. It is the sole foreign brand of blower that established the factory in China and owns 100% shares held by Taiwan, it hasn’t the flashy slogans as other China local ones without substance, counterfeit appearance and quality-neglected low-price strategy to confuse the consumers. Emore Horn Machinery is a direct line of succession and sole blower enterprise with the technological background of foreign-capital brand. It’s achievement is increasing by a high percentage year by year, grabs the market of middle-high-end high-pressure blowers in China rapidly and becomes the head enterprise of it. Under the icon effect of being favored by the customers and leading professional technology, the company will develop the vacuum pump product that absolutely has the same quality as the famous brands such as Rietschle, Busch……,and offer the more competitive price compared with the international brand for serving the vast majority of customers. Please be waiting to see.

High-pressure blower is the machine that is widely demanded and used by the production and manufacturing industry, such as the blow-off of powders and granules, suction conveying, liquid mixing and bottling, burning and breeding, cooling of radiating facility and environment. Due to the negative pressure in and below the inlet of high-pressure airflow, it can also be used for suction application. As for the industry, there are many fields such as the plastic, metal, chemical, mining industry, agriculture and fishing, medicine, filling, packing, etc. greatly demand high-pressure blowers. Generally, air blowers are divided into two types: axial-flow type and centrifugal type.  Axial-flow type is like placing a fan in the tube, so the air volume and pressure is not high; centrifugal type is divided into the parallel-flow type and vortex type, and vortex type blower can produce higher wind pressure. Our company specializes in researching, developing and manufacturing centrifugal side channel vortex type high pressure bowers.

Our company has more than 30 engineers and technicians who own excellent skills, also, the factory and offices cover approximately 6000 square meters space available. Our company owns the R&D and Production Department of Blower, R&D and Production Department of Electric Motor and R&D and Production Department of Vacuum Dump. Our company has precise 3D measuring tool, electric testing machine and tester of wind and pressure besides the digital lathe, drilling machine, broaching machine, balancing machine, constant temperature oven, etc. in all varieties. Different from traditional production departments, our quality assurance department is a unique unit that takes the inspection for all parts whether the self-manufacturing parts or the purchased parts. The functions, safety and packing of all finished products are inspected again before they are put in storage, ensuring all goods are perfect, thus giving the users the maximum reliability. Our products have obtained CCC and SGS issued by General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine of People's Republic of China, the quality and safety is ensured greatly, with an output of 5000 various-model machines every month. 
Today, science and technology brings about new changes. Move forward, or you'll fall behind, the product brings forth the new through the old, all personnel of our company dare not be haughty and will await your instructions with the open mind. Welcome to our company and favour us with your instructions

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